Welcome to The Hendre, Monmouth, Weather Station

51:49:43N 02:47:44W   Height:  77m AMSL

Located at The Hendre (5km W of Monmouth), weather data has been recorded since February 2002 using a wired Davis Vantage Pro automatic weather station.

Weather Data

Weather Data                                                      Past and present data and snowfall summary

Rainfall records        Rainfall in .xls format (1929-present, thanks to John Wheelock of Monmouth)

5-Day Forecast                                                                       Met Office forecast for Monmouth

Monmouth Rainfall                                                       John Wheelock's data for the past month

Penallt Weather                                   Another local Davis weather station, 2km SE of Monmouth

Current weather

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Last updated: 20.05.2015